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This weekend totally rocked!

friday- didnt do shit b/c I got introuble for my phone bill ($900)...but just chilled @ Theos work and tried to get him introuble!

saturday- chilled with theo...jonny and peter @ my house then went to some party which was fokin coo. Went to Petes got the grub on then rolled through to the PENTHOUSE. Oh yah and chilled w/ Destiny :)

sunday- woke up mom made us all breakfest, went to jonnys and chilled...went to the mall and got a shirt, went to the show! ...It was so fokin tyte!!! tore shit up there!!! haha ...everyone had a blast singing to the melodies to the songs we love the after hit up Micky D's then took everyone home.

today was like w/e ...I hate alot of people! just so you all no!

senses fail show- oct 6th!!!

stroke it easy.

<3 Adam
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